How monitor Nudes in the News with Wachete

Wachete is one of several commercial website change monitoring services that will monitor a single web page once a day for free. Below, we provide step-by-step instructions to set up ChangeTower to monitor Nudes in the News, but if you prefer you may instead use ChangeTower or OnWebChange or any other service you wish.

Numbers in the list below correspond to the numbers on the screen shots. Click any screen shot to enlarge. Visit

  1. Under “Enter the URL of the page you want to monitor” enter

  2. Click on “Start monitoring”

  3. Under “Click on areas to watch” click on “Monitor full page”

  4. Under “The URL address of the page you want to monitor” verify

  5. Under “Name of the wachet” verify or enter Nudes in the News

  6. Under “What would you like to extract” pull down and select “Text”

  7. Under “Check value on this page every” pull down and selcet “24 hours”

  8. Click “Next”

  9. Under “Notifications” set “Notify me when the” to “value has changed”

  10. set “to anything”

  11. Click “Add wachet”.

  12. On the “Sign in” page click “Sign up.”

  13. On the “Sign up” page, enter your e-mail address

  14. Check the box to agree with the Terms and Privacy conditions

  15. Click “Sign up”

  16. Look in your e-mail inbox for a confirmation message and follow the instructions therein.