Recycling Signs

Bay Area Naturists recognize that the human species must live in harmony with Planet Earth. We actively reduce the consumption of raw materials and the accumulation of unnecessary solid waste, in our daily lives and when we gather in groups. To this end, we offer signs with which a party host may designate appropriate containers for separating trash from recyclable materials.

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Please Recyle Here Trash Only: No Glass, No Cans Trash Only: No Bottles, No Cans Trash Only: No Plastic, Paper, Metal or Glass Glass Only Brown Glass Only Green Glass Only Clear Glass Only Aluminum Cans Only Steel Cans Only Plastic Bottles Only Plastic & Glass Bottles Only Bottles & Cans Only Aluminum Cans and Plastic Bottles Only Aluminum Cans Glass and Plastic Bottles Only Steel Cans and Plastic Bottles Only Plastic Bags Only Clean Paper Only Shredded Paper Only Mixed Paper Only Newspaper Only White Office Paper Only Cardboard Only Chipboard Only Paper & Cardboard Only Electronic Parts Only Compost Only Compostables Only No Plastic Clean Paper Bottles & Cans Clean Paper & Cans Only Glass Bottles & Steel Cans Glass-Paper-Metal-Plastic Alumnimu Glass Plastic Metal Glass Plastic Clothes Textiles Fabric Newspapers Catalogs Magazines Office Paper, Junk Mail, Mixed Paper Bottles Cans Plastic Household Batteries Rechargeable Batteries 1-PETE 2-HDPE 3-V 4-LDPE 5-PP 6-PS 7-OTHER Plastics #1-7 Only 1-2 Styofoam Lunch Trays Wire Hangers Oregon Refund Bottles & Cans Reduce Reuse Recycle 5-cent Pop Bottles Only Water Bottles Only One Side Blank Only

All signs copyright © 2011 Bay Area Naturists. You may print any of these signs for your physical use, provided you keep the web link at the bottom of each sign. You may also link to this web page from your web site. You may not re-post our individual PDF files on your or any web site.

If you would like a recycling sign with a wording not shown here, just let us know.

The following table gives the properties of some of the major plastics:
No. Code Chemical Name Properties Example Uses
1. PETE Poly-Ethylene Terephthatlate Clear, very tough Soda pop bottles
2. HDPE High-Density Polyethylene Tough, flexible Milk jugs, detergent and motor oil bottles
3. V Vinyl, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Soft, flexible
Hot-melt seams
Meat wrappers, pool floats
Sprinkler pipes
4. LDPE Low Density Polyethylene Soft, flexible Bread & shopping bags, shrink-wrap
5. PP Polypropylene High tensile strength Margarine tubs, grain sacks, rope
6. PS Polystyrene Clear and brittle,
or white styrofoam
Office tape dispensers, CD jewel cases, ice chests, packing peanuts, cutlery, "to go" boxes
7. Other Anything else   May not recyclable; check with your local service.

Video: Know Your Plastics